Les Pierres de SAINTONGE

CTS carrières de Thenac et de Saintonge

Le Fief de la Clochetterie - BP 8
17460 THENAC
tel.: 05-46-92-68-30
fax.: 05-46-92-24-48


The "Pierres de Saintonge" which have been used, for 2 000 years, in the construction of historical monuments and buildings according to the most authentic traditions, proved to be the very essence of richness and beauty of our artistic heritage.



Still nowadays, these ornamental stones are extracted from two quarries :


"Les Carrières de Thènac" : the limestone of Thènac


"Les Carrieres Lafon"
the limestone of Saint Agnant and Crazannes


Renovation of the "Brouages Citadelle" (XVII°)

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