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"A cure for the common wall"
Please read "A cure for the common
wall" in the "Walls & ceilings" book



TransMineral has established an outstanding reputation through the development of Le Décor LimeStone ® LD and its selection of natural products made entirely of mineral components, hailed as revolutionary innovations in today's construction industry. While forging these new techniques, we persisted in maintaining those same time-honored and proven traditional European methods that allow us to offer the traditional lime plasters and lime washes of a time past, immortalized in picturesque Mediterranean images that are familiar to us all.

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Le Décor Selection :
Le Décor LimeStone ® LD is a patented mineral composition, based on special limestones. It can be used both as an ornament or for restoration. This mortar can either be projected in order to create a stone effect on walls, or it can be cast molded, and sculpted. Le Décor LimeStone ® LD also lends itself to traditional carving.

Le Décors Limestone (LD) Région Parisienne

Le Décor LimeStone (LD), Région Parisienne (FRANCE) (click to enlarge picture)

Talmont Church (FRANCE) (click to enlarge picture)

Talmont Church


Detail of LD ® on brick


Le Décor LimePlaster ® LDS

Le Décor LimePlaster ® LDS
is the authentic traditional lime paint used in Europe for centuries past - a secret carefully guarded by our artisans.


Le Décor LimePaint ® LDP

Le Décor LimePaint ® LDP is the same whitewash used by the ancient Romans and Renaissance artists to embellish exteriors and interiors. Made from natural hydraulic lime and mineral pigments, our LimePaint is the authentic traditional whitewash finish. It is not an imitation.