P.P.N. Precast

Natural Stone Panels


Natural stone panels



PPN, a range of products for housing and urban developments, manufactured in our factories PPN Eauze and PPN Annecy.

Sound protection wall in precast sandstone.
Boulevard in outskirts of Paris.

PPN panels consist of natural stone facing on precast panels, achieving a complete and functional system, offering an alternative to ordinary cement and cement-like face mixes.

PPN panels finishes are made of natural stones, bonded with hydraulic binders.

PPN guarantees the authenticity of a natural material such as stone in the construction of individual homes and buildings.

  • Bearing wall (thickness : 22 to 30 cm).
  • Decorative walls, interior or exterior (thickness : 15 cm).

Economical, easy to use, the PPN system is particularly recommended for bearing walls, partition walls and landscaping.