SCL : Sand, Limestone

Le Fief de la Clochetterie - BP 8
17460 THENAC
tel.: 05-46-92-68-30
fax.: 05-46-92-24-48

With an annual capacity of production of 1.000.000 tons, SCL is considered as an important national sand and limestone producer.

The most important characteristic of its production of its limestone (0/1, 0/4, 0/5, etc…) extrated from "la Queue de l'Oiseau" quarry in Saint Agnant.

Its specifications, regularly contolled and tested by official organism, provide the users (concrete precast, road materials…) with all guarantees as regards to granulometry, LOS, MDE and water content.

The sand-quarry of Saint Agustin (near Royan) is specialized in siliceous sands, particularly used for draining (D1), as a component of cement, for sports ground coating (national labory agreement), for public and private road works, precast, etc..

Other specialities of this quarry :

- Calcium carbonate granulates,

- saking and blocks (maritime works dimensional stone).

SCL also successfully developped a whole range of natural fertilizer composed of : calcium, carbonate, phosphated carbonates and an "à la carte" formula to answer specific demands of each user..